Открытая экологическая система создающая кино
An open ecological system that creates movies

About this site paraphrases

As you know, crypto-coin must have its own website, blog or at least telegram channel.

This is good and right, the disappearance of the site , an abandoned diary - a sure sign of the bench.

We have studied the issue and found that it is now fashionable to make such sites on the basis of public, free website Builder


with a particular design template.

The choice of the designer is a matter of taste, but we categorically did not like the template. To what extent it is necessary not to respect their visitors, if you do only dark (night) themes?

The user spends many hours behind the monitor, reads the text and is offered a low-contrast, light text on a dark background.

For these reasons, we used a different website Builder and a different design.

The site is multilingual, for maximum convenience of visitors.

Translations - machine, sorry, we have no others yet.

Important note about confidentiality, encryption and processing of data. We do not have any of this, we are not interested in Your data, we do not receive, store or process it, user registration is disabled.  For the same reason, SSL certificates are not used and the domain name has the extension "info".

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