Открытая экологическая система создающая кино
An open ecological system that creates movies


At first Jordan was deep in thought., 
At first Jordan was alone in the darkness., 
Out of the darkness and Buzludzha was born the desire, 
The desire then moved to the waiting. 
Of expectations the Plan was born — 
Jordan decided, and the hour came.: 
Out of the darkness and gloom He the Ship was created! 
Mile after mile of cozy homes 
And for the fruits of the gold vaults. 
Decks, hatches, light and air — 
It has not yet been created. 
That man has created It

And established for him Law: 
The Creator must be honored by man, 
Plan of the great devote his life. 
Every Law has a place. 
Everyone is strictly defined destiny. 
Man can not know the purpose, 
The main thing — that he is the Creator 
He knew how to obey. 
One — to speak, another — to listen. 
Order reigned among the people. 
He created a Crew for menial work 
And scientists to keep the Plan. 
Jordan's Anointed Captain — 
The human race was ruled by himself. 
Only Jordan is blameless, and people are sinful. 
Envy, greed and pride have polluted minds. 
First Huff sinned, he was damned forever! 
From him this filth tasted man. 
A mutiny broke out, and the Captain died.


"Stepsons Of The Universe" By Robert Heinlein

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