Кино токен Kino token 硬币电影

Открытая экологическая система создающая кино
An open ecological system that creates movies

Token test version

A test version of the token was created.

The contract is created in the test network


contract address

This is standard  ERC20 TOKEN

CO, IPO distribution of coins to sponsors and other perversions of American marketing are not included in the contract.

Trial payments in the test ropsten network.etherscan pass successfully.


Investing in our coin

Dear Investor.

We understand that Your interest is in making money and more than anything.

That's good and right. From TV screens, from Newspapers, from the computer monitor we have been told for many years: Earn.


We'll do that with You.

Create your token and go out with him on the exchange.

And there will be a Game, a long, beautiful Game.

But it will be real content real content real cash - Movie.

Follow our news.




At first Jordan was deep in thought., 
At first Jordan was alone in the darkness., 
Out of the darkness and Buzludzha was born the desire, 
The desire then moved to the waiting. 
Of expectations the Plan was born — 
Jordan decided, and the hour came.: 
Out of the darkness and gloom He the Ship was created! 
Mile after mile of cozy homes 
And for the fruits of the gold vaults. 
Decks, hatches, light and air — 
It has not yet been created. 
That man has created It



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